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Valdez Alaska

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Water Samples
Sample collection bottles, sampling procedures, and an analysis report form may be obtained from the laboratory located behind the Baler facility or from the Community and Economic Development office at City Hall, or print HERE. Samples must be received at either location during regular office hours, Monday through Wednesday (8:30 am to 5:00 pm).

Water samples MUST be submitted in a sterile sampling bottle obtained from the City of Valdez water laboratory, or from the Community Development office in City Hall. They will also provide you with instructions and form relating to your sample.

 Photo of an empty and sealed 100ml sample bottle in a persons hand  The water sample bottle must be sealed before collection of sample,
 and filled up to the 100ml mark.
 Photo of a full 100ml water sample bottle in a persons hand

There is a service fee for each sample analyzed: samples collected within the city limits will be charged $15 and those outside the city limits will be charged $35. Questions may be directed to the laboratory at 835-4888.

Print water sample form HERE