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1. I’m thinking of buying someone else’s boat, and they have a slip in the Valdez Small Boat Harbor. Can I transfer their slip into my name?
2. What happens to my boat if I am a transient boater?
3. If I want a tenant slip in the Valdez Small Boat Harbor, what do I have to do?
4. I am a slip holder, and when I leave, you place boats in my slip and collect moorage from them as well. Isn’t that “double-dipping”, collecting twice for the same moorage space?
5. How do you determine the length of a boat?
6. If I am unsure of my boat length, what should I do?
7. As a tenant, if I don’t like my slip, can I get a different one? How?
8. If I get a tenant slip, say for a 20’ boat, and then a few years from now decide to buy a bigger boat, will I automatically get a slip for a bigger boat?
9. If I want to leave my boat in the Valdez Small Boat Harbor or the boat yard in the winter what do I have to do?