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Special Event Vendor Application - City of Valdez, Alaska

  1. Special Event Vendor Application - City of Valdez, Alaska
    Department of Economic Development - Events
  2. Please complete the Special Event Vendor Application to be considered for a vendor spot at one of the City of Valdez 2021 Events: Military Appreciation Weekend and 4th of July Celebration.
  3. Special Event(s) Applying for:*

    Check all that apply. Registration is Free for this year's events. Please plan ahead to stay for the complete vendor duration time of each event. Thank you in advance.

  4. What type of vendor are you? *
  5. Do you need power? *
  6. Do you need WiFi? *

    (not guaranteed - please only select if this is a need, not a preference)

  7. Vendors are responsible for providing their own chairs, tables, tent and/or any booth exhibit items (if desired/applicable). If you have an extenuating circumstance prohibiting you from providing needed equipment, the City of Valdez has a limited number of equipment items available to assist with vendor set-up. Availability changes per event and/or due to allocation needs elsewhere. There are no guarantees on availability and all requested equipment items but must listed in the box below to be considered.*
  8. I acknowledge that the submission of this application does not guarantee being approved as a vendor for this event. Spots are limited. I will be notified in advance by email if approved as a vendor.
  9. NOTE: By signing this application, each vendor is accepting full responsibility for his or her own entries, including loss by breakage, theft, fire, rain, wind, or any other cause of damage to inventory or person. Vendors are responsible for all insurance and licenses necessary for operations. Food vendors must have the proper State of Alaska Food Establishment or Temporary Food Service Permit. Vendors hereby expressly release the City of Valdez and from any and all liability whatsoever.
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  11. City of Valdez ~ 212 Chenega Avenue ~ P.O. Box 307 ~ Valdez, AK 99686 ~ Phone: 907-834-3404 ~ Email: Events@ValdezAK.Gov
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