Why do I need Flood Insurance?
Standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flood damages. Flooding can damage windows and roofing as well as the foundations, electrical systems and furnishings of a home. Fixing flood damage can cost thousands of dollars. According to FEMA records, since 1978 over a quarter of all flood claims have come from homeowners in areas with low or moderate flood risks. According to statistics gathered by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), within a 30 year mortgage, a homeowner has a 9 percent chance of making a claim for fire damage, compared with a 26 percent chance of making a flood damage claim. And Remember - the NFIP imposes a 30-day waiting period following the purchase of flood insurance. This ensures that a policy is purchased and maintained throughout the year. Residents cannot purchase it in the wake of an impending flood or because they have heard very heavy rains are on their way. It has to be in place 30 days before a flooding event begins.

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2. Why do I need Flood Insurance?
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