What kind of Information can I get from the City?
The City can assist you in determining whether or not your residence is in a mapped floodplain. The City can provide official letters or forms that homeowners can bring to their lending institutions or insurance companies designated the flood zone location. The City maintains information books and pamphlets in the hallway of City Hall by the Community Development office, which are free for residents to take 24 hours a day. The City also provides free technical advice for reducing the flood hazard to personal or commercial property. When requested, staff can review flood damage, review development in the floodplain, and provide information about how to retrofit drainage and other residential issues. City personnel have been trained by FEMA on flood-proofing techniques and are available to provide site-specific data concerning floor elevations and historical flood levels. For these and more services, please contact the City’s Community Development Department (834-3401).

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