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Posted on: June 21, 2021

Notice of Foreclosure List Publication and Filing in Superior Court



P.O. Box 307

Valdez, AK  99686




Take notice that on June 21, 2021 the City of Valdez filed in the Valdez Superior Court, Third Judicial District, State of Alaska, a certified copy of the Foreclosure List for the City of Valdez for the tax years 2020 and prior years with a Petition for Judgement of Foreclosure. Pursuant to AS 29.45.330, the Foreclosure List is available for public inspection at the City of Valdez Clerk's Office. 

Take further notice that in accordance with law, notice of foreclosure proceedings will be given by four weekly publications of the following Foreclosure List in the Copper River Record beginning June 24, 2021. Said Foreclosure List shows the names of the persons appearing in the latest tax roll as the respective owner of the delinquent properties, the description of the property, the years for which the properties are delinquent, the amount of the delinquent tax for the year, and penalty and interest thereon. 

Any person(s) owing or having a legal or equitable interest in, or lien upon any tract listed in said foreclosure, may no later than thirty (30) days after the last publication of this notice, file an answer with the Court in defense to the Petition for Judgement of Foreclosure. Such answer shall be in writing and specify the grounds or objection to the assessment of tax on the particular tract described in such answer and the Court in summary proceedings will hear and determine such objection and render such decision thereon as may be legal and just. At such hearing, said foreclosure list shall be prima facie evidence of the regularity and legality of the assessment and levy of the tax and that the same are unpaid. 

The Court may order that the several properties against which the judgement and decree of foreclosure is entered shall be sold directly to the City of Valdez for the respective amount of the tax, penalty, and interest for which the properties are liable. 

All real properties sold to the City of Valdez, pursuant to law, shall be held by the City for the period of one year, from and after the date of judgement and decree of foreclosure, unless sooner redeemed. Property listed on the foreclosure list may be redeemed by payment in full for all taxes, penalties, interest due and owing on the parcel(s) sought to be redeemed, together with payment for a proportionate share of the costs of publication and foreclosure. The properties not redeemed within the one-year period described shall be deeded to the City of Valdez by the Clerk of the Court.

Click here to view the full notice, with list of delinquent property tax accounts.  

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