Business Registration

City Business Registration

Anyone engaging in any type of business in the City of Valdez must first register with the City. Registration is done by simply completing a standard business registration form and submitting a copy of your State of Alaska business license. The registration is renewed annually, usually in January, by submitting the annual renewal.

In addition to the standard business registration form, additional information and documentation maybe required depending on the type of business.

All Business Registration Forms

Business Registration FormSubmit if you are starting a new business in Valdez and/or are planning on conducting business in Valdez even if your company resides elsewhere. Our office verifies that you hold a valid State of Alaska Business License and then you are issued a "green letter" stating that you can conduct business in Valdez.Fee waived  per Resolution #12-72 
Business Registration Renewal FormYearly business registration renewal for active businesses due January 31st of every year. This form is mailed to active businesses once a year (usually by January).$5 if changes to application - waived per Resolution #12-72
Home Occupation Permit ApplicationSubmit if you are operating a business from your home. For further information, reference Ordinance # 98-03.NA
Itinerant Vendor ApplicationRequest an Itinerant Vendor license. The license is valid for up to a maximum of 180 days. For further information, review Ordinance # 07-04.$50 fee is waived per Resolution #12-72. A $500 bond is due in the form of cash or cashier's check and can be redeemed after the 180 day period or held by the City if the vendor wishes to do business the following year and does not want the bond back.
Public Accommodation Tax Certificate of RegistrationRequired for Public Accommodation (hotels, motels, B&B, Inns, etc.)NA

License/Certificate Applications

Massage Establishment License ApplicationApplication for a massage therapists establishment license; Submit to City Clerk
Public Convenience (Taxi Cab) Certificate ApplicationApplication for taxi cab certificate; Submit to City Clerk

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If you have any questions, please contact Planning at (907) 834-3401.