City Newsletter

The monthly newsletter is an essential communication tool for the City of Valdez and plays a vital role in maintaining effective communication between the City and our residents, fostering community engagement, and enhancing overall civic participation and awareness.  

Newsletters create a platform for:

  • Information DisseminationAllows the City to disseminate important information to residents. This includes updates on community events, public services, policy changes, and other relevant news.  
  • Community Engagement: Helps foster community engagement by informing residents about local issues. This transparency builds trust between the City government and the community, encouraging active participation and collaboration.  
  • Public Awareness: Raise awareness about the City of Valdez's initiatives, programs, and services. This helps residents understand the available resources and encourages utilization of these services.  
  • Policy EducationEducate the public about new policies, regulations, and civic responsibilities. This helps residents understand their role in the community and comply with any changes in local governance.  
  • Feedback and Surveys: Seek feedback from residents through surveys or community polls. This enables the City to gauge public opinion, identify concerns, and make informed decisions.  
  • Promotion of City Events: Promote City events, workshops, and town hall meetings. This encourages attendance and participation in activities that contribute to community development.  
  • Civic Participation: By keeping residents informed and engaged, newsletters increase civic participation. Informed citizens are more likely to participate in local elections, community meetings, and other civic activities.  
  • Communication of Achievements: Showcase the achievements and positive developments within the City of Valdez. Celebrating successes helps create a sense of pride and unity among residents.

February 2024 Newsletter

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