Website Photo Project - Spirit of Valdez 

Photos Wanted - What Makes Valdez Great?

Help us capture the essence and spirit of Valdez for use on the City website!

photography 2The City of Valdez Communications office is looking for talented photographers to showcase Valdez and is now accepting submissions for photos to be featured on the City of Valdez’s main website. The City is in the process of redesigning the website. While several large images are currently featured on the City’s homepage – – the redesign will include images used throughout the site. The City would like to highlight local artists’ photographs and the Valdez community. Photos may be submitted by anyone, with parent or guardian approval, for those under 18.

Let's put those photos that are on your phone to good use! 

New photos will be selected by an internal committee every month.

Submission Specifications

  • All skill levels of photographers are encouraged to submit work.
  • Entries may have been taken from any camera, film (as scanned slides), or digital.
  • Each photo should include a short description explaining how the image captures the “spirit of Valdez.”
  • Post-processing images are allowed. This includes global adjustments to exposure, contrast, burning, dodging, cropping, sharpening, noise reduction, and tone. Minor cleaning of images is permitted, including removing backscatter, dust, or scratches. HDR, panoramas, focus stacking, or other techniques involving multiple photos taken simultaneously and in place are also allowed.
  • Entries must meet the following standards:
    1. Minimum pixel size: 2200w x 555h
    2. Approximate photo size: 1 MB or larger
    3. Resolution: 72 dpi or higher
    4. Color Mode: RGB or CMYK
    5. Preferred File Types:  JPEG or PNG
  • If people are present in your photo, you will need to give the City permission for those intentionally featured in your photo.

The photos selected for the website will include credit to the photographer and be featured via the City of Valdez's social media, possibly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Submissions should attempt to embody what Valdez and the surrounding areas “means” to the photographer. This free and open photo contest seeks to inspire the creation and dissemination of positive imagery that conveys Valdez's beauty, importance, and life.

Photographers retain all copyrights to their images. The City of Valdez maintains the right to publish the entries in any format and feature the photos on the City’s website. Selected images may be included in the City of Valdez's social media posts in the context of congratulating and/or featuring the

Photo Ideas

  • outdoor activities
  • City-sponsored events
  • all seasons; spring, summer, fall, winter
  • areas that are recognizable as Valdez

Submission Guidelines

Please email your submissions to Those photographers submitting photos for consideration should also complete the Photo License and Release form.

Anyone with questions about the photo submissions should contact the Communications Office at 907.834.3400 or