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Valdez residents are encouraged to sign up for FlashVote, a survey tool that allows residents to have a voice in city government through text, email, or voice responses.

FlashVote is a public survey research platform used to recruit a panel of residents representative of the entire community to answer short surveys. FlashVote is designed to gather feedback within 48 hours, allowing City government to quickly get useful and statistically valid information from residents.

Sign up takes less than one minute and survey data is anonymous. Residents can sign up at or by calling 775-235-2240. Personal or demographic information collected by FlashVote is never shared with the City or anyone else.

When residents sign up, they can determine how they want to participate in surveys with options for text, email, or phone call. They will receive notification whenever there is a new survey, and they will have 48 hours to participate before the survey closes. Once a survey is closed, everyone who participated will automatically receive a summary of the overall results and be able to see how their responses compare to the group.

Responses from FlashVote surveys will be used to inform City decisions on services, programs, and initiatives.

Join your friends and neighbors and sign up today at

Past FlashVote Surveys

October 2022: FlashVote Survey on City Communications