Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Information

Valdez Parks and Recreation offers a Reduced Fee Youth Scholarship Program for income-qualified Valdez families in need. The goal of our Reduced Fee Youth Scholarship Program is to minimize financial barriers to give all eligible children (ages 0-18) the opportunity to experience recreation activities and programs. Our Reduced Fee Youth Scholarship Program provides qualified participants with a discount on classes, activities and events offered the Recreation Division for programs with fees $15 and above, per participants, per activity. Scholarship requests must be submitted each session for each participant. Completing a scholarship application does not register or reserve an applicant's spot for the program. If you wish to register immediately to guarantee a spot, you will forfeit your scholarship application and be ineligible to receive a scholarship. Parks and Recreation will not apply a scholarship after the fact and process a refund. 

How to Apply

To apply, please complete a scholarship application and include all required supporting documents, then return your application to the Woodman Recreation Center for review and processing. Proof of residency and enrollment in an assistance program or income must be presented at the time of application. A printed statement from the assistance program's website is preferred. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be returned to applicants for completion. Please allow 7-10 business days for your scholarship application to be processed.

Award & Registration

Completing a scholarship application does not register or reserve an applicant's spot for the program. If your scholarship application is approved, the parent/guardian listed on the application will be notified at the phone number listed. Recipients will then need to register in-person or by phone for the program the scholarship has been awarded for. 

If you choose not to use the scholarship for the requested activity, please notify Parks and Recreation as soon as possible, If the scholarship has not been used within 60 days, the awarded amount will be returned to the general scholarship fund. You may reapply for another scholarship at this time if you so choose.


To ensure all those who are eligible are able to participate in recreation activities throughout the year, limitations on how much recipients can be awarded each year have been established. 

  • There is an annual award limit of $2,500 for the Recreation Division. Applications may not be accepted or processed if this limit has been met for the year.
  • There is an annual award limit of $160 per child, per calendar year. 
  • Applicants are responsible for any remaining fees above the annual award limit per child. Without full payment of the registration fees, the applicant(s) cannot register for the program(s).
  • Scholarship awards cannot be combined with any other coupons or reduction of fees (i.e. 10% Rec Pass Discount) and will be based on the full amount of registration fees. Scholarship awards are non-transferable. 


Scholarship: Any type of financial aid used to offset or subsidize the cost(s) of parks and recreation participations.

Household: A household or family is defined as a group of related or unrelated individuals who are living as one economic unit.

Income: Income is the money received by any member of the household before such deductions as taxes and Social Security. It includes the following: salary or wages; earnings from self-employment, Social Security, pensions, retirements and disability payments, and other cash income received or withdrawn from any source which would be available for payment of a program.