Wayfinding Project

The City of Valdez has been working with Corvus Design to develop a Wayfinding Plan for the City of Valdez. The goal of the project is to develop wayfinding that supports our Business District as well as our vibrant Waterfront District with connections along the way to all that Valdez has to offer. 

What is wayfinding and streetscape?  

Wayfinding uses landmarks, city signage and pathways to help visitors and residents easily navigate and fully enjoy the  Valdez experience.  Streetscape design, site furniture and plantings help make the journey safer and more enjoyable. This project will be laid out in three phases and provide the City with Primary, Secondary and Interpretive signage. 

What's Happening Now? 

Draft sign designs are out and under review during the month of November 2019. A Primary sign and a secondary sign will be installed in 2020 for viewing and feedback. Final installation of 5 Primary signs and 8 Secondary signs will be in late 2021.

Due to COVID-19 and supply chains, these signs are slated to be installed in 2022.  

Wayfinding Map