Valdez COVID-19 Mitigation: Commercial Fisheries

Commercial Fisheries Information

Commercial fishing is considered a critical infrastructure industry at the federal, state and local levels. 

Commercial Fishing Vessels
All commercial fishing vessel operators, owners, and crew members must comply with federal, state, and local regulations; state and local health mandates; and procedures outlined in their individual worker/community protection plan approved by the state of Alaska.

To help ensure all requirements and expectations are clear and easy to understand by the commercial fishing fleet, a subcommittee of the Valdez Unified Command Fisheries Task Force worked together over several weeks to create a local information packet for captains. Members of the subcommittee include the Valdez harbormaster and her staff, the Port of Valdez operations manager, Valdez public health officials, multiple fishing vessel captains, representatives from commercial fishing organizations, and members of the Unified Command incident management team.

2020 City of Valdez Ports & Harbors - Commercial Fishing Vessel Captain’s COVID-19 Local Information Packet
NOTE: Quarantine requirements outlined in the captain’s packet apply to those travelers arriving from other states/countries and subject to quarantine under State Health Mandate 010.

The Commercial Fishing Vessel Captain’s Local Information Packet includes the following:

  •  General NoticeCatch Salmon, Not COVID
  •  Local Checklist for Captains
  •  Ports & Harbors Health Policy - Requirements for pre-arrival, upon arrival, while operating in Valdez, etc.
  •  Required Mutual Aid Agreement - Operators
  •  Required Mutual Aid Agreement - Small & Large Boat Owners
  •  Health Screening Forms & Questionnaire
  •  Instructional Letter from Valdez Public Health Official
  •  FAQs and Resource Links
  •  Maps of both Valdez Harbors, indicating designated quarantine slips, quarantine restroom/shower facilities, etc.

Independent fishing vessel operators must follow guidelines found in state of Alaska Health Mandate 017. 

Companies, associations, or entities representing a fleet of commercial fishing vessels must submit a Workforce & Community Protection Plan to the state of Alaska for approval under Health Mandate 010.

Please contact the Harbormaster at (907) 835-4981 or with questions or for additional guidance.

Commercial Fishermen Graphic

Fish Processors & Canneries
This section of the commercial fishing industry faces unique challenges in mitigating risk for their workers and the communities in which they operate. Large workforce size, dormitory style living spaces, and damp working conditions require extra precautions.

Under state of Alaska Health Mandate 010, fish processors and canneries are required to submit a Workforce & Community Protection Plan for approval by the state.

Additionally, our three local fish processors - Peter Pan Seafoods, Silver Bay Seafoods, and VFDA - agreed to enhance their commitment to health and safety by partnering with the Valdez Population Health Alliance and the Valdez Unified Command to mitigate specific local concerns.

During the last week in April, Peter Pan Seafoods and Silver Bay Seafoods voluntarily committed to and signed the COVID-19 Fish Processor Agreement with the City of Valdez. During the last week in May, Valdez Fisheries Development Association also voluntarily committed to and signed the COVID-19 Fish Processor Agreement with the City of Valdez. Click the links below to read the agreements.

COVID-19 Fish Processor Agreement: Peter Pan Seafoods    
COVID-19 Fish Processor Agreement: Silver Bay Seafoods
COVID-19 Fish Processor Agreement: Valdez Fisheries Development Association

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