Valdez COVID-19 Updates

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New Guidance for COVID-19 Isolation

Please be aware, CDC and Alaska DHSS recently changed the isolation guidance for those people with confirmed or suspected COVID-19. New guidance below. 

Isolation is used to separate people with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 from those without COVID-19. 

People who are in isolation should stay home until it’s safe for them to be around others. At home, anyone sick or infected should separate from others, or wear a well-fitting mask when they need to be around others. People in isolation should stay in a specific “sick room” or area and use a separate bathroom if available. 

Everyone who has presumed or confirmed COVID-19 should stay home and isolate from other people for at least 5 full days (day 0 is the first day of symptoms or the date of the day of the positive viral test for asymptomatic persons). 

They should then wear a mask when around others at home and in public for an additional 5 days

People who are confirmed to have COVID-19 or are showing symptoms of COVID-19 need to isolate regardless of their vaccination status. This includes:

  • People who have a positive viral test for COVID-19, regardless of whether or not they have symptoms.
  • People with symptoms of COVID-19, including people who are awaiting test results or have not been tested. People with symptoms should isolate even if they do not know if they have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19.

Click here to read more about isolation (confirmed/suspected positive) and quarantine (close contact) guidance.

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COVID-19 Vaccination in Valdez

All three brands of COVID-19 vaccine are available in Valdez.

Residents and visitors ages five and older are eligible for vaccination.

Appointments are required.

Click here for current recommendations regarding vaccination for immunocompromised individuals. If you or a loved one fall into this category, please speak with your physician for more information. 

Booster Vaccination
Booster vaccinations are available in Valdez for those eligible. 

  • CDC currently states all those 12 years and older should receive a booster vaccination. 
  • Boosters are recommended six months after receiving your second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccination.
  • Boosters are recommended two months after receiving Johnson & Johnson vaccination.
  • Boosters can be a different brand of vaccine than what you received for your first dose(s).

Making Your Vaccine Appointment
Vaccination administration is now offered in a clinical setting by the following Valdez providers, by appointment only:

  • Valdez Public Health Clinic. Call 907.835.4612.
  • The Alfa Doc. Call 907.835.2532. 
  • Safeway Pharmacy. Call 907.461.3313.
  • Through some local employers.

If you are a business or organization looking to schedule vaccination for your employees or clients/customers, please contact one of the providers listed above to discuss your situation.

Those being vaccinated will make an appointment for their second dose of vaccine, if applicable, during their first dose appointment. 

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COVID-19 Testing Options in Valdez

Several different options exist in Valdez for COVID-19 testing, and are, in most cases, at no out-of-pocket cost to the patient. 

Click here for more information about when to test. 

If you have questions about what type of test you should receive, please contact your physician or the Valdez public health nurse for guidance.

Rapid Testing Options - By Appointment Only

  • Valdez Medical Clinic: Sunday through Thursday. Call 907.831.6441.
  • The Alfa Doc: Monday through Friday. Call 907.835.2532.
  • Valdez City Schools offers symptomatic rapid testing for school district students and employees only. Please call 907.834.4747 to schedule a testing appointment with the school nurse. Visit the Valdez School District COVID-19 Resources page to learn more about the "Test to Stay" program.

PCR Testing Options - By Appointment Only
(PCR testing turnaround time is currently three to five days, so please plan ahead.) 

  • Providence Valdez Medical Center: Call 907.255.6063.
  • Valdez Medical Clinic: Sunday through Thursday. Call 907.831.6441. 
  • The Alfa Doc: Monday through Friday. Call 907.835.2532.

Home Testing Options

  • Valdez Public Health has given out their complete stock of home antigen testing kits (over 500 kits in the past two weeks). Additional kits will be ordered as the state restocks, however this may take several weeks. If you need to obtain a COVID-19 test, please plan to utilize the services of one of the local testing providers listed above. 

If you are a business or organization seeking testing for a group of five or more people, please contact a testing location at least 48 hours in advance of your desired appointment date. This helps ensure local testing locations have enough time to coordinate personnel and testing equipment to accommodate your request.

Contact your medical provider for any questions about insurance coverage for testing.

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Valdez Case Count Dashboard

Valdez Case Count 011422

Valdez Case Count Dashboard Update Synopsis - Friday, January 14, 2022

Data and amplifying notes on this dashboard provided directly by DHSS Public Health. 

**Due to the holiday on Monday, 11/17, the next dashboard update will occur on Tuesday, 11/18.**

Current Total of Active Local Cases: 39
Note 1: This total number of active cases is current as of midnight on 01.13.2022 and includes 35 resident cases, zero active non-resident cases, and 4 active "other Alaskan" cases. 

Dashboard Update Notes (01.12.2022 - 01.13.2022)

  • Residents
    • Nine resident recoveries.
    • 21 new resident cases
      • 17 adults and four minors.
      • 15 have symptoms and six are asymptomatic.
  • Non-Residents
    • No changes to non-resident case numbers.
  • Other Alaskans
    • One new "other Alaskan" case.
      • Adult with symptoms.

Other Dashboard Notes

Note 2: Please be aware CDC/DHSS has reduced the standard isolation period for those with COVID-19 from 10 days to five days isolation plus five days in a mask around others. Since the beginning of the pandemic, "active" cases means those who are in public health directed isolation. With the reduction in length of public health isolation to five days, cases will likely transition from "active" to "recovered" more quickly.

Note 3: Please also be aware, data regarding results of home antigen tests are not currently reported in local or DHSS case count numbers, as there is no requirement (nationwide or in Alaska) for those patients to report the results of their test to public health officials. 

Note 4: Data reported within this local dashboard is reported in real-time. Data reported at the state level thru the DHSS Response Hub (which is what you see may see reflected in statewide news coverage) often includes a data entry delay.

Note 5: Data regarding COVID-19 deaths are only recorded on this dashboard once the patient's cause of death has been confirmed by DHSS Public Health. 

Note 6: According to DHSS, we may no longer report vaccination status of new positive patients in our local dashboard notes. This change to how we report local data is effective as of 10.11.2021. Please visit the DHSS Response Hub for aggregate numbers regarding break-thru cases. 

Note 7: "Residents" are those who list Valdez as their place of residence. "Non-residents" are those who test positive while in Valdez, but live outside Alaska. "Other Alaskans" are those who test positive while in Valdez, but list another Alaskan community as their place of residence.

Note 8: "Other Alaskan" cases do not technically count towards the Valdez case count. They are counted in their home community within Alaska under current CDC and DHSS guidelines even if they test positive while physically present in Valdez. We mention "other Alaskan cases" in our dashboard notes to provide a clear picture of identified infections present in the community. "Other Alaskan" cumulative case numbers are not included in the dashboard graphic above, as those numbers have not been specifically tracked since the start of the pandemic.

Note 9: As a reminder "active" versus "recovered" is based upon the patient being in public health directed isolation. Patients may still experience symptoms long after they are considered recovered. When a previously "recovered" patient experiences worsening symptoms or requires hospitalization, public health moves the patient back into the "active" category. 

Note 10: Adults are those 18 years of age and older. Minors are those 17 years of age and younger. 

Note 11: To view statewide case counts and other data, visit the DHSS Alaska Coronavirus Response Hub: divider

Valdez City Council Voted 12.21.2021 to Rescind Local Government Disaster Declaration & Mask Mandate 

During their regular meeting on December 21, 2021, Valdez City Council voted (5-2) to approve Resolution No. 21-54, which rescinded both the Valdez COVID-19 Local Government Disaster Declaration and Public Health Mandate 004 (Mask Mandate). Click here to read the full resolution.

In September 2021, when the most recent disaster declaration and mask mandate were put in place, City Council set a benchmark for revisiting the declaration as the point in time when the Providence Alaska medical system was no longer operating under crisis standard of care or the December 21st regular City Council meeting. Those benchmarks have now been met.

  • A disaster declaration is a formal tool available to local municipalities used to activate local or interjurisdictional disaster emergency plans and to authorize furnishing or procurement of aid and assistance under those plans. 

    • An emergency or serious situation can exist and be successfully addressed without the need to formally utilize the local disaster declaration tool.
    • While the pandemic remains present across our nation, a disaster declaration is not currently necessary in Valdez for the procurement of resources, such as testing supplies or vaccines. Other tools are also available to address topics such as establishing mitigation measures, remote meeting attendance, and communications coordination without the necessity of a formal disaster declaration.
  • While the state of Alaska crisis standards of care protocols remain in place, the Providence Alaska hospital system has not needed to utilize their triage committee or elements of crisis standards of care for the past several weeks.

  • The mask mandate was scheduled to expire on December 22, 2021. Under current municipal code, a public health mandate may only be issued or remain in place during a declared emergency. Therefore, rescinding the declaration on December 21st also rescinded the mask mandate (one day early).

The City of Valdez remains committed to continuing ongoing partnerships with the Valdez medical team and other local stakeholders to address community concerns related to COVID-19. We remain ready to quickly pivot if and when pandemic conditions change. Wearing a mask will continue to be strongly encouraged in all city facilities.

While the local government disaster declaration and mask mandate are now rescinded, it is extremely important to remember, the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over. 

  • Please continue to follow guidance related to masking, physical distancing, testing, isolation, and quarantine.
  • Please consider COVID-19 vaccination, including boosters, for your family.
  • Please consider risk for yourself, your family, your friends, your co-workers, and our community when making decisions. 
  • Please continue to do what Valdezeans do best - work together to support each other so we can keep our community healthy, our children in schools, and our businesses open.

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COVID-19 Resources

Resources for More Information:

Local Resource Links:

Points of Contact (as of 12.04.2021):

  • Please forward all health, symptoms, screening, quarantine, or isolation related questions to your physician or the Valdez public health nurse (907.835.4612).
  • City COVID-19 Response Operations: Aaron Baczuk, city emergency manager, 
  • City COVID-19 Public Information: Allie Ferko, city public information officer, 

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