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Valdez Case Count Dashboard

Valdez Case Count 05032021

05.05.2021, 3:00 p.m. - Valdez Case Count Dashboard Update

Reported yesterday:

  • No new cases or recoveries.

*Note: Adults are patients 18 years and older. Minors are patients 17 years and younger.

Important Notes About the Valdez Case Count Dashboard

Our local COVID-19 case count data is updated upon notification from Public Health of new cases, recoveries, hospitalizations, or deaths. Mirroring the model established by the Alaska Department of Health & Social Services, the local case count dashboard is now updated by noon covering case count changes for the previous calendar day. If there are no case count changes, no update to the dashboard is made. Changes to local case counts occurring on holidays or weekends are reported on the dashboard the following business day. 

There is often a data entry delay between our local real-time case count updates and what is then reported on the statewide DHSS Alaska Coronavirus Response Hub data dashboard.

To view statewide case counts and other data, visit the DHSS Alaska Coronavirus Response Hub:

Local Disaster Declaration & Valdez Health Mandate 003 Automatically Expire May 7, 2021

Over the past fourteen months, our community worked together to put processes and infrastructure in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Our public information team rapidly deployed a robust COVID-19 communications program to keep the community educated and informed. Community partners from all corners of Valdez came together to collaborate, share resources, and reduce the impacts of COVID-19 as much as possible. The Valdez Unified Command established an alternate care site to assist with triage and treatment of COVID-19 patients. Thankfully, the alternate care site was not needed and demobilized. Contracts for home oxygen units were established to ensure those with less severe symptoms could be treated in the comfort of their homes. Essentially, Valdez did what Valdez does best…We came together quickly to support and take care of each other. 

Valdez now has a robust COVID-19 testing program in place, with both PCR and rapid testing options offered at no cost to the patient. Almost 30 different first, second, or single dose local vaccine POD clinics - staffed almost exclusively by volunteers - were held over the past four months for anyone choosing to vaccinate. Ample supplies of vaccine remain available for those who need a little more time to decide if vaccination is right for them. Our community also now understands the science behind transmission of the virus which causes COVID-19 and how to take personal responsibility to prevent further spread. 

While the pandemic is not yet over, Valdez is currently well positioned to transition out of active emergency response. With this in mind, the Local COVID-19 Disaster Declaration and Valdez Health Mandate 003 will automatically expire on May 7. Following expiration of the declaration and mandate, some things will change and other things will remain the same.

Following the expiration of Local Public Health Mandate 003 (Mask Mandate) on May 7:

  • Wearing masks will continue to be strongly encouraged in indoor public or communal settings.
  • Local business and organizations will continue to have authority to require that their employees and customers/clients wear a mask in their establishments. Local business and organizations will continue to have the authority to trespass someone for not following their policy on masking.
  • Wearing masks will continue to be required by healthcare providers in their facilities and offices.
  • Wearing masks will continue to be required by the federal government while on or in Valdez Pioneer Airport property for the near future.
  • Valdez City Schools and local childcare facilities will continue to follow mask wearing policies established by their respective governing boards. 
  • The City of Valdez will publish guidelines for mask wear in City facilities next week.

 Following the expiration of the Local COVID-19 Disaster Declaration on May 7:

  • COVID-19 Response Personnel: The Valdez Unified Command will demobilize and those individuals staffing incident management roles will return to their routine duties. City staff, our local medical providers, and other community partners will continue to collaborate to keep Valdez safe and healthy.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination:Free COVID-19 vaccination will remain available in Valdez.
    • The Valdez Public Health Clinic – with support from City staff and community partners - will continue to coordinate vaccination events for residents, visitors, and seasonal workers.
    • While not yet available, other local medical providers and our local pharmacy are exploring the process to order and administer vaccine in small numbers at their facilities. 
    • Statewide trends indicate vaccine distribution is likely to shift to clinical and pharmacy settings in the fall or winter.
  • COVID-19 Testing: COVID-19 testing will remain available in Valdez at no cost to the patient.
  • City supported testing centers at Valdez Medical Clinic and The Alfa Doc will continue thru September. 
  • The City supported testing center at Valdez City Schools will continue thru the end of the school year. 
  • Providence Valdez Medical Center will also continue to offer testing. 
  • The City is working to purchase three additional Abbott testing machines to distribute at no cost to the school district and physician offices, if needed.
  • The City will support onsite testing contracts with our local fish processors from mid-May until September.
  • Statewide trends indicate testing is likely to shift to clinical settings in the fall or winter.
  • Economic Recovery: City Economic Recovery programs and grants will remain in place. Other financial assistance programs for small businesses, families, and individuals from the state and federal governments will remain available.

  • Events: COVID-19 mitigation plans will continue to be required for events using City property or resources thru the summer.

  • Communications:Information related to COVID-19 will shift from the Valdez Unified Command back to normal community communication channels. 
    • This website will be rebranded as the “Community COVID-19 Updates” website and continue to be updated with important local information related to COVID-19.
    • Updates to the local case count dashboard, including notes on transmission sources and trends, will shift from daily reporting to weekly reporting on Fridays. Vaccine dashboard updates will continue to be updated on Fridays. Both weekly dashboard updates will be posted exclusively on the “Community COVID-19 Updates” website.
    • The Valdez Unified Command Facebook page ( will be inactive starting May 8.
      Information about vaccine distribution efforts and emergent news related to COVID-19 will shift to the City of Valdez Facebook page ( Important information about COVID-19 from our local medical community will shift the Sound Wellness Alliance Network (SWAN) Facebook page ( Please follow both the City and SWAN pages to continue to receive important updates in your Facebook newsfeed.   
    • Informational posters related to testing options, vaccine distribution, and official COVID-19 information sources will remain posted in key locations throughout Valdez. 
    • The Valdez Unified Command weekly news release will be discontinued, with the last edition published on May 7.

Local Weekly Summary News Release

Starting in early December 2020, a “Valdez Weekly Summary” news release is now issued on Friday afternoons covering case counts and trends for the previous week, details about contact/source investigations, recommended community mitigation measures, vaccine updates, and other important information. This summary release replaces daily news releases previously issued for new cases.

Click Here to Read the Most Recent Local Weekly Summary 
Valdez Unified Command News Release # 074

For immediate release: 04/30/2021, 9:00 p.m.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

Click Here for Local COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

Click Here for State of Alaska DHSS COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

Click Here for CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

Vaccination Appointment Options - Sleeves Up for Summer

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COVID-19 Testing Options in Valdez

Several different options exist in Valdez for both symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19 testing. All options are by appointment only and at no out-of-pocket cost to the patient.

If you are a business or organization seeking testing for a group of five or more people, please contact a testing location at least 48 hours in advance of your desired appointment date. This helps ensure local testing locations have enough time to coordinate personnel and testing equipment to accommodate your request.

Symptomatic? Need a return to school or work test following illness?

  • The Valdez Medical Clinic offers symptomatic rapid testing by appointment only. Please call 907.831.6441 during the times listed on the flier below to discuss your situation and schedule a testing appointment.
  • The Alfa Doc offers symptomatic rapid testing by appointment only. Please call 907.835.ALFA (2532) to discuss your situation and schedule a testing appointment.
  • Valdez City Schools offers symptomatic rapid testing for school district students and employees only. Please call HHES at 907.835.4728 to schedule a testing appointment.

Close contact or otherwise exposed to COVID-19?

  • If you have either been identified by DHSS as a close contact of someone with COVID-19 or feel you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please contact the Valdez public health clinic (907.835.2419) or your healthcare provider for testing instructions as timing for your test is dependent on the date of your last exposure.

Asymptomatic? Need pre-procedure or travel testing?

  • Providence Valdez Medical Center offers asymptomatic testing by appointment only. Call 907.255.6063 to discuss your situation and schedule a testing appointment. (This is NOT a rapid testing option.)
  • Providence Valdez Medical Center offers pre-procedure testing. After receiving a testing order from your healthcare provider, call 907.835.2249 to schedule your testing appointment at the hospital.
  • The Alfa Doc offers asymptomatic rapid testing for certain populations by appointment only. Please call 907.835.ALFA (2532) to discuss your situation and schedule a testing appointment. 
  • The Valdez Medical Clinic offers asymptomatic rapid testing for certain populations by appointment only. Please call 907.835.4811 to discuss your situation and schedule a testing appointment.
Update PVMC Testing Flier 02.12.2021
AlfaDoc Testing UPDATED 09242020
VMC Rapid Testing Flyer 12012020
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  1.  Information Resources

Information Resources Related to COVID-19

Please stay informed with information from credible sources, such as:

Local Resources:

State Resources:

Federal Resources:

Social (Physical) Distancing An Insightful Infographic
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FAQs Opens in new window

State of Alaska Contacts

General Information: 
Alaska 211: Dial 2-1-1 or call 1.800.478.2221
State Website: 

Local Contacts

Allie Ferko, Public Information Officer
Kate Huber, Assistant Public Information Officer
Valdez COVID-19 Unified Command

For questions or for general information, email:, call 907.202.0711, or send a private message to

Valdez COVID-19 Recorded Hotline.
Recorded message with local information and updates.

Please forward all health, symptoms or screening related questions to your physician or the Valdez public health nurse.

Local agency partners or business owner/operators with questions related to your operations should email: