Cyber Crimes Unit and ICAC

Cyber Crimes Unit and ICAC

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Cyber Crime Lab

The Cyber Crimes Unit (CCU) was formed in February of 2014 and consists of three investigators who investigate internet and computer related crimes. The CCU is responsible for two operational areas:

  • The multi-agency Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force targets predators who are seeking to exploit and victimize children through the use of computers and the internet. For more information on the ICAC.
  • The Computer Forensic Laboratory, a full service laboratory dedicated to the collection, preservation, and analysis of computers and digital evidence and to providing forensic response at crime scenes and large computer incidents.

The mission of the CCU Investigation squad is to conduct and assist in investigations where computers, networks, telecommunication devices, and other technological instruments are the vehicle or target for the commission of criminal acts against persons or property.

Crimes against persons such as:

  • pornography and "sexting"
  • online enticement and other offenses against minors
  • threats
  • cyber bullying
  • stalking and cyber stalking
  • violation of stalking protective orders
  • cyber terrorism
  • online ID theft
  • unlawful contact
  • extortion and coercion
  • violation of domestic violence protective orders

Property crimes such as:

  • fraud
  • counterfeit documents
  • larceny

Specific computer/internet crimes such as:

  • virus attacks
  • data manipulation
  • data theft
  • web site hacking
  • unlawful access
  • account hijacking
  • social networking/email account intrusions

To investigate these crimes, the unit also does forensic examinations of computers, hard drives, "thumb" drives, memory cards, digital cameras, cell phones and gaming devices, and virtually any electronic device capable of storing electronic media using state of the art computer hardware and software.

Additionally, the unit attends specialized training and collaborates with other agencies to stay up to date on the latest in their field.

In an effort to build community outreach and to limit the effects of cyber crimes on our community, the CCU has developed training presentations to provide to civic, business, and educational organizations regarding computers and safety on the internet. Additionally, the CCU will provide real-time advisories to the community via Nixle about phone and internet scams hitting our community.


If you believe you have been the victim of a Cyber Crime, report to the Valdez Police Department at 907-835-4560 or Email VPD.


For the latest and most up to date information on computer scams, please go to the FBI scams and safety website.


For up to date tips on Internet safety, please go to the FBI prevention tips website.


The CyberTipline® receives leads and tips regarding suspected crimes of sexual exploitation committed against children. More than 2.8 million reports of suspected child sexual exploitation have been made to the CyberTipline between 1998 and October 2014.

If you have information regarding possible child sexual exploitation, report it to the CyberTipline and/or the Valdez Police Department at 907-835-4560 or Email VPD.