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Current Vacancies

Economic Diversification Commission:

economic diversity

1 current vacancy - full term (2 years)

1 current vacancy- partial term (1 year)

Ports and Harbors Commission:


1 current vacancies - 1 full term (3 years)

Beautification Commission:

beauty 2

1 current vacancy - 1 full term (2 years)

Parks and Recreation Commission:

person running in front of mountain

4 current vacancies - full terms (2 years)

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications must be received by close of business on the Wednesday prior to a regular City Council Meeting for consideration. Upcoming deadlines are: 

  • September 27th for appointment October 10th 
  • October 11th for appointment October 17th

Last updated 9.20.2023

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Email COV Boards or call Deputy Clerk Elise Sorum-Birk at 834-3468 with questions or to learn more about the appointment process.