Energy Assistance Program

The Valdez City Council supports a 2022 Energy Assistance Program to help local residents relieve some of the energy costs this winter, subject to appropriations. The program offers an energy credit of $550.00 per household that can be applied to either a residential/commercial electric account or a residential/commercial fuel oil account. The program is voluntary and requires pre-registration to be considered.


  • Register at City Hall November 1, 2021 - December 30, 2021 between 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday
  • Extended hours until 7:00 pm on December 8th and December 30th
  • Registration ends at the close of business on December 30 2021, 7:00 pm
  • Registration forms are available at City Hall and can be downloaded from this webpage
  • Verification of local residency will be required during registration, so please bring along a valid ID and a recent (last 3 months) electric or fuel bill containing (1) Your name or business name (2) Physical address (3) Account number for where the energy credit is to be applied.
  • Business and commercial users are eligible. A copy of the current business license is required at the time of registration.
  • Eligible applicants may register via US Mail as long as all required documentation is attached to a notarized registration form and all information is received in City Hall by December 30, 2021.


  • 2022 Energy Assistance Form
  • 2021 Population Survey

Eligibility requirements

  • Only one credit will be applied per dwelling.
  • For a residence to qualify it must be the primary residence of the individual applying for the credit; there must be an active electric or fuel oil account associated with this residence in the name of the individual applying for the credit; it must be physically located within the city limits of Valdez; and no other person or business may apply for an energy credit for the same dwelling.
  • Business and commercial users are eligible.
  • Participants will be required to completely fill out and sign a registration form with all required information; their signature certifying to their local residency and agreeing to indemnify the city against any action or consequence resulting from the program.

Program Details

  • Following registration the city will issue payment directly to each of the three providers (the two fuel companies and the electric cooperative); along with a list of account numbers indicating where the credits are to be applied.
  • The city will take advantage of the registration process to request other data which will enable the city to better serve the residents of Valdez.
  • For more details on the program, please call City Hall at 835-4313