Water Conservation/Pollution Prevention

Winter Preparation

Damage from frozen pipes can be costly as well as frustrating. To avoid freezing problems, a few simple actions can be followed. Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses. Insulate or install heat tape on pipes in unheated or exposed areas. Make sure there is heat to unused rooms in your home, especially if there is plumbing in the walls. During periods of cold temperatures, it may be prudent to run a small stream of water in a faucet furthest from where your water service enters the home.

If you have frozen pipes, you will need to take the necessary steps for thawing them without causing greater damage to the home or pipes. If you think the problem is not in your home, please call the Water Department during regular business hours or contact police dispatch after hours.

Water Conservation

You may wonder why conservation of water is such an issue when we are surrounded by so much of it. That is true; however, wasting water can overextend water sources and/or overload wastewater treatment facilities. It costs money to provide water whether it is used or wasted and an increase in cost can directly impact the consumer's water or sewer bill.

Pollution Prevention

Household drains are not intended to be used as a universal garbage can. Dumping hazardous chemicals down the drain or toilet may get them out of your sight, but they can cause serious problems at the treatment facility and the receiving waterways. The final destination for the treated effluent is the Port of Valdez. Hazardous chemicals can pose a threat to the aquatic life as well as those who use the water for recreation.

Please dispose of paints, insecticides/pesticides/herbicides, automotive oil, household chemicals and solvents properly. Hazardous chemical can be disposed of at the Baler Facility at no charge to you. Please do your part in protecting your water!