Nuisance & Code Violation Abatement

Staff Response

From time to time persons in the community may engage in activities contrary to the rules and regulations established to protect property and structures. This may come in the form of a general nuisance such as poorly kept property or noise concerns.

The Code Enforcement staff attempts to respond to all reported violations, and to the degree possible, work with property owners to correct the situation. In many instances it is an innocent error where the property owner had no idea there was a violation. Often, a simple notification rectifies things.

Report Violations

The public is encouraged to assist the Code Enforcement by reporting suspected violations.

For more information on violations please read the following sections of the Municipal Code:

  • Chapter 8.20 - Chapter 8.20  of the Valdez Municipal Code outlines nuisances.

Additional Information

Fill out Abandoned Vehicle Release to release a vehicle to the Valdez Police Department or their agent for removal from property in conjunction with the City of Valdez’s Vehicle Abatement & Removal Program.

Please contact Code Enforcement directly at (907) 835-4560 for information on violations.