Emergency and Disaster Management

Watch this 6-minute tsunami educational video and consider your "readiness."

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Welcome to the City's Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) page. This page is relatively new and will be under construction over the next several years as the City increases its capabilities for disaster prevention, mitigation, and response. As a citizen, you play an important role in this effort. Look to the future for inclusive opportunities with the City, related to personal preparedness, and enhancements to this page that will model a Whole Community approach

The EDM office is actively assembling and training the City's Incident Management Team, integrating incident action planning software, developing the City's new Emergency Operations Center at the new Fire Station, organizing mass sheltering, engaging in public education, creating partnerships with local stakeholders, and acquiring needed disaster supplies, among many others.   

Thank you for taking an important step towards preparedness by visiting these pages!                                                                                             

Contact Information

To contact the office of Emergency and Disaster Management use the following email address:


For impending hazards or active emergencies, contact Valdez Police Department dispatch at: 

                                                          (907) 835-4560 or 911

                                                                                                                               (last updated 3-21-2023)