Memorial Cemetery

The Valdez Memorial Cemetery is located at approximately mile 3 of the Richardson Highway and has both burial lots and a Columbarium for urns. To arrange for plot or niche reservations or interments, or to find out more information on persons buried there, contact the Park Maintenance Supervisor/Cemetery Manager at (907) 835-5413.

Pioneer Cemetery

The Valdez Pioneer Cemetery is located at the end of Walter Day Memorial Drive which can be found at approximately mile 2.5 of the Richardson highway at the Goldfields Softball Complex turn-off. This cemetery is no longer actively accepting burials, but rather a historic site that was affected greatly by the 1964 earthquake.


The Valdez Memorial Cemetery and the Valdez Pioneer Cemetery are maintained and managed by Parks Maintenance. Both of these cemeteries have a unique history, shared through historic walking tours.

There is a rich history of prospectors and pioneers who came to Valdez in the late 1800’s to create a new life in the last frontier. Through many hours of dedicated research, the Park Maintenance team was able to capture and share many of their stories through the historic walking tour installations and accompanying booklets.

Download the Memorial Cemetery Historic Walking Tour Booklet

Download the Pioneer Cemetery Historic Walking Tour Booklet

Booklets are also available in hard-copy, by request, at the Parks & Recreation Office located in the Civic Center.