Fire Station 1

Fire Station 1 (main station) is downtown with five bays housing two engines, one truck and two state certified advance life support ambulances.


The manning for this station is by career staff working 24 hour shifts 365 days a year. We are required to have a minimum of two people staffing at all times. There are approximately 50 volunteers; these volunteers are responsible for responding to as many calls as they can when they are available. The department employs:

  • One chief
  • One part-time senior office assistant
  • Three captains
  • Three engineers
  • Three lieutenants


Each career member of the department excluding our Senior Office Assistant, is required to obtain the level of firefighter I minimum, Hazmat Technician and Advance Emergency Medical Technician.

Fire Station 2

Fire Station 2 is located within our community airport and is only utilized for storage of:

  • Disaster supplies
  • Hazmat trailers
  • Spare hazmat gear
  • Various 300 gallon totes of firefighting foam

Fire Station 3

Fire Station 3 is approximately seven miles from the downtown area with two engines and one tanker. This station is manned by volunteers who respond from home to pick up apparatus for fire calls. It is designated as an emergency shelter for the local Robe River Subdivision.

Fire Station 4

Fire Station 4 is approximately 14 miles from the downtown area. Station 4 has one engine, one tanker and a BLS ambulance. This station is also manned by volunteers. It is also designated as an emergency shelter for the local Alpine Woods Subdivision. Across the road there is a 1100 gpm well house utilized for a water supply to assist in fire suppression.