Police / Public Safety


The Valdez Police Department provides the primary law enforcement response for the 270 square miles within the City of Valdez, including the Alyeska Marine Terminal (the terminus of the Trans Alaska Pipeline). The population of the city is officially 4,353, but increases in the summer months due to the influx of fish industry workers and tourists. The department provides police patrol, criminal investigative services, court officer services, and assists state and local agencies with their duties and projects. There are 11 sworn police officers at the Valdez Police Department.

Public Safety Team

The Public Safety Team is staffed by seven full-time public safety technicians, one administrative assistant / dispatcher, and one public safety supervisor. Our communications center and jail personnel have recently merged and are now cross trained to provide services for both the dispatch center and jail.

Our Mission

'Our mission is to provide excellent service and protection through leadership and partnership with the community"


 The Valdez Police Department operates with the following values:

  • Integrity - By maintaining the highest levels of honesty and integrity we will be able to safeguard security of life and property, protecting the constitutional rights of individuals, and maintain order and encourage respect for the rule of law by the proper enforcement thereof.
  • Professionalism - As a department and as individuals, we will take pride in the responsibility society has placed upon us and act with humility in the execution of the powers bestowed on to us. By continually advancing our training opportunities and learning abilities we will be able to offer the most professional services to the City of Valdez.
  • Respect - As a department and as individuals, our belief is that our officers serve the public in a manner that is consistent with the concept of basic respect for all. Inter-departmentally, supervisors and peers treat each other fairly, honestly and without bias or prejudice.
  • Valor - We understand the trust citizens place in us to assist and protect them in their time of need. The value of human life exceeds all others and we will act and execute our duties with this knowledge at all times.