Plan Valdez

The City of Valdez has adopted a new comprehensive plan.

Download the final plan here.

Implementing the plan - Title 17 Zoning Code Revision

The Planning Department is currently working to revise the City of Valdez Zoning Code and we need public feedback on the draft Title 17 Ordinance. The deadline for comments in November 3, 2023. Please visit the project website for more information and to download the draft ordinance. 

Zoning Code Title 17 Public Comment Period open through November 3rd.

Planning Department Responsibilities

The Planning Department is responsible for a wide array of activities and services to assist the community, including:

  • Allotting environmental permits for municipal projects
  • Administering planning and zoning, including:
    • Conditional uses 
    • Variances and exceptions
    • Zoning maps
    • Zoning reviews
  • Being a community information and resource library
  • Building and construction plan reviews, permitting, and inspections.
  • Enforcing and abating building and zoning code violations.
  • Handling business registrations for commercial businesses, home occupations, and itinerant vendors.
  • Mapping all elements of the community from land to streets to addresses to infrastructure.
  • Regulating subdivisions and platting.
  • Serving as staff liaison department to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Management Responsibilities

The Planning Department is also responsible for managing: