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Valdez Alaska

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Animal Shelter / Control
Rich Long
Animal Control / Shelter Manager

276 E. Egan
Valdez, AK  99686
Animal Shelter Staff
Animal Control Calls:
PH: 907-835-4560

Animal Shelter Calls:

PH: 907-835-2286

Monday - Friday
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday - Sunday
12:00 am - 5:00 pm
Animal Control
The City of Valdez Animal Control Division provides service to the residents living in the Valdez area. We also provide animal adoptions to all Alaskan residents.


Animal Control responds to calls regarding:
  • Animal bites
  • Animal welfare
  • Animals surrendered and adopted
  • Lost or found animals
  • Majority of all fish and game calls
  • Nuisance animals
  • Stray animals 

Animal Control also responds immediately to injured and aggressive animals.

Additional Information
Please call the Animal Control number for animal calls such as animals at large or nuisance animals. 

For more information on volunteering, or animals at the shelter and about the nonprofit group, Friends of the Valdez Animal Shelter, please call (907) 835-2286.