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Valdez Community Cookbook Submission

  1. We will only contact you if we have questions about the recipe or to notify you if you won the prize basket drawing!

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  4. Examples: Where did the recipe originate? Family favorite? In memory of...? Great for entertaining or camping? Kid-friendly?

  5. Please be sure to use exact measurements and/or container sizes. Examples: "16oz can Diced Tomatoes" or "1 Tablespoon of Minced Garlic"

  6. Please let us know if there's anything special or specific about the ingredients in your dish.

  7. Please be specific and as clear as possible.

  8. Please submit an original photograph of your dish! (By submitting your photograph, you give the City of Valdez Parks & Recreation Department rights to publish the photograph in the FREE Valdez Community Cookbook and on relevant marketing materials.)

  9. Do you have questions or are you in need of assistance?

    Please reach out to Krystal Moulton, Recreation Coordinator, by emailing or by calling the Recreation Center at (907) 835-6598 Ext 4. Thank you for your submission!

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