Valdez COVID-19 Economic Relief & Recovery Initiative

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Economic Relief_ Recovery Initiative Infographic

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Phase 1: Immediate Emergency Assistance (Complete)

COV Resolution 20-25: Waiving Interest Charges for Past Due Harbor Services and City Lease Payments
(Approved 04.29.2020) 

COV Resolution 20-19: Waiving Interest Charges for Delinquent Water, Sewer, and Refuse Fees                           
(Approved 04.13.2020)

slim dividerPhase 2: Direct Economic Relief Program (Complete)

For Website Only - Economic Relief Program Infographic

Click Here to Download Valdez COVID-19 Economic Relief Application
Paper applications available at the Civic Center & in the lobby @ City Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the Valdez COVID-19 Economic Relief Program?
A1: This is a one-time payment to qualifying local households and businesses who have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 Health Emergency. Relief funds should be used to help with whatever the applicant needs due to impacts from COVID-19. The City HIGHLY encourages applicants to spend or use the funds locally whenever possible.

Q2: Who qualifies for the program?
A2: Payments are available to every Valdez household and Valdez business.
Household applicants may submit ONE application per household.
Business applicants may submit ONE application per distinct Valdez business.

Q3: How do I apply?
A3: Complete and sign the two-page application. Incomplete or unsigned applications will be denied.
Mail it, or drop it off at City Hall…ONLY if you applied for 2020 Energy Assistance
Otherwise, apply in-person at the Civic Center.
Please do not return your application via email.

Q4: How much will I be paid?
A4: City Management estimates an $1,800 payment to each applicant. The program will divide $2.89MM equally among all qualified applicants. Final figures will be released to the public after all applications are received.

Q5: Is the payment taxable?
A5: In most cases, the payment is taxable income.
The City will issue 1099 forms to recipients in early 2021 for the 2020 tax year.
The City will only issue payments to applicants who provide a signed w9 form, which is on page two of the application.

Q6: How and when will I be paid?
A6: City Management estimates payments will be issued on Friday, May 29. Payments will be made via check, and mailed to the address on the application.

Q7: If I owe the City money, will my payment be reduced or denied?
A7: No - The City will not apply Economic Relief payments to past-due balances. The City will remit full payment to all qualifying applicants.

Q8: Where and when do I return my application?
A8: Did you apply for the 2020 Valdez Energy Assistance Program?

If YES, then either drop off your application 24/7 in the designated drop box in the lobby or City Hall (212 Chenega) or mail your application to City of Valdez, PO BOX 307, Valdez, AK 99686. 

If NO, then apply in person at the Valdez Civic Center (110 Clifton Drive) during one of the following application acceptance periods:

Days: May 12th - 16th & May 19th - 22nd
Hours: Tues-Wed 8am-2pm, Thurs-Fri 2pm-7pm, or Sat 10am-2pm

Q9: What other documents do I need for a household application?
A9: If you applied for 2020 residential Energy Assistance, just return a completed and signed Economic Relief application via mail or drop-box.

If you did not, please apply in person at the Civic Center and bring: photo ID, and current evidence of household address, such as…utility bill, tax bill, tax assessment notice, vehicle registration, lease, State PFD receipt, Voter registration

Q10: What other documents do I need for a business application?
A10: If you applied for 2020 business Energy Assistance, just return a completed and signed Economic Relief application via mail or drop-box

If you did not, please apply in person at the Civic Center. Staff will cross-reference your application with our business license data. Only businesses with a valid Valdez Business License as of April 15, 2020 will qualify.

Q11: I rent a room in a home and my landlord has applied. May I also apply?
A11: Yes - the program is meant for Valdez residents who are heads of household.
Renters will be considered as heads of their own households.
Please bring evidence of both physical location and Valdez PO Box.

Q12: I have multiple businesses. May I apply separately for each one?
A12: Yes - the program is meant for each distinct Valdez business.
Applicants must have a valid Valdez business license as of April 15, 2020.
Home-based businesses may not share a Tax ID number with any household applicant.

Q13: I cannot apply in person. May someone else apply for me?
A13: Yes - provided they bring a competed, signed application and evidence of program qualification

Q14: Why do you require my TAX ID number?
A14: The IRS requires the City to issue a 1099 for anyone receiving $600 or more.
The signed application enables the City to meet this IRS requirement.

Q15: If you deny my application, how do I appeal?
A15: City management will make every effort to administer this program according to the objectives set by City Council.  We expect that there will be applications that raise issues that we did not anticipate.  We will conduct a full review of all applications and will correspond with applicants to provide status and resolve issues.

Q16: How was this program funded?
A16: COV Resolution 20-24: Funding COVID-19 Local Economic Assistance Program for Local Households & Businesses (Approved 04.29.2020)

Q17: My question is not answered here, who do I contact?
A17: Email or call 907.834.3461 during regular business hours (please leave a message and your call will be returned in the order it was received).

Economic Stimulus Check Distribution Notice (7)

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Phase Three: Economic Recovery (In Progress)

On May 19, 2020, Valdez City Council established the Mayor’s COVID-19 Economy Recovery Task Force. The seven member group, chaired by Mayor Pro Tem Scheidt, will work with community partners to develop recommendations for how the City might best assist the recovery of our local economy from impacts of COVID-19.

Click here to view Resolution #20-28 for additional details.

Mayor COVID19 Economic Relief Task Force