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Valdez Case Count 07102020

NOTE: Local COVID-19 case count data is only updated upon notification of new resident or non-resident cases in Valdez. 

To view statewide case counts and other data, visit the DHSS Alaska Coronavirus Response Hub:

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Unified Command News Release 006

For immediate release: 07/10/2020, 11:00 p.m.
(NOTE: These 11 cases will appear in the DHSS statewide case count reported on Sunday.)

Valdez, AK – The community of Valdez received confirmation of 11 additional non-resident cases of COVID-19 late Friday.

All of the new non-resident cases are adults and were identified as part of routine employer screening. Nine are asymptomatic. Two have mild symptoms. All are in isolation following the guidance of public health officials and receiving follow-up care from an onsite company medical provider.

“While the number of cases identified is concerning, the systems put in place to protect the company’s workforce and the Valdez community are working,” said Dr. John Cullen, physician at Valdez Medical Clinic, LLC. “Early identification and isolation is the key to preventing further spread.”

The contact investigation for these cases is ongoing. Preliminary investigation indicates all 11 patients, employees of Silver Bay Seafoods, remained in quarantine on campus with no contact with the community during their time in Valdez. Public health officials believe the current risk to the community for these cases is low.

“All eleven cases are part of the same travel cohort, arrived in Valdez at the same time, and remained in quarantine with required social distancing measures and usage of proper protective equipment,” said Richard Franks, Silver Bay Seafoods Valdez plant manager. “We appreciate Providence Valdez Medical Center for supervising employee COVID-19 testing, local public health officials for providing rapid response and guidance for our workforce, and members of the Valdez Unified Command for open communication and operational coordination.”

As a community, Valdez must continue making thoughtful and careful decisions as long as COVID-19 remains present in Alaska and beyond. Taking small, individual actions like hand hygiene, physical distancing, wearing a cloth face covering around others, avoiding large group gatherings, and staying home when you are sick all make a big impact towards keeping our community safe.

Please continue to monitor yourself for COVID-19 symptoms which include a fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, and any new onset of illness. If you believe you have even mild symptoms, contact your healthcare provider for screening and closely follow their instructions. Remember to call ahead before you go to the doctor’s office, public health clinic, or hospital. The local medical team will continue to provide the best possible care for you and our community.

Asymptomatic testing is currently available in Valdez for select high risk populations. Visit for additional information and to learn more about different local testing options.

The Valdez Unified Command and public health officials continue to closely monitor the rapidly changing course of COVID-19. We remain committed to providing information, support, and resources to protect the health, safety, and well-being of Valdez during this unprecedented time.


Contact: Allie Ferko, public information officer, Valdez Unified Command, (907) 202-0711

Click here to download the pdf version of Unified Command News Release 006.

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Valdez Public Health Mandate 003 Requirement for Masks or Cloth Face Coverings_Page_1
FINAL_COVID-19 Valdez Public Health Mandate 003 Requirement for Masks or Cloth Face Coverings_Page_2
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Mandate 003 Community Resources

General Information & Guidance on Wearing Cloth Face Coverings


Resources for Residents and Visitors

Need a face covering? Please consider shopping local and ordering from a small business.

Valdez residents in need of a cloth face covering can also visit to order one free from local volunteers.

Resources for Businesses, Non-Profits, and Facility Owners

Please read through the mandate so you are aware of the requirements for your business or facility.

To assist and make things easier on you, we are offering several resources, including the following standardized door sign and educational posters for your use if desired.

If you are unable to print the door sign or posters yourself (and want to use them) or need a starter pack of disposable masks for your workforce or clients/customers/guests, please send an email to with your contact information and how many you need of each item. Someone from the Unified Command Logistics Section will respond to your email to coordinate assisting with your needs.

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Cloth Face Coverings - Chose to Wear It For Them

Choose to support our community – Make a difference towards keeping Valdez healthy, our small businesses open, and our children headed back to school this fall.

Choose to do a few small things to help – Wearing a cloth face covering in public is one important tool in our public health toolbox. Combine it with physical distancing, hand hygiene, and staying home if you are sick in order to slow the spread of the virus.

Choose to wear it for them – We do not know everyone else’s story. You may survive COVID-19. They and their loved ones may not. Cloth face coverings help us protect others from the virus.

Choose to remain kind – Recognize some cannot wear cloth face coverings due to medical or other private personal reasons. In that case, they must pay careful attention to the alternate ways they can protect others.

Choose to be a good neighbor. Stay safe and healthy, Valdez.

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                                                                                  Valdez Testing Options

Got Symptoms Get Tested Infographic
Prov Drive-up COVID-19 Testing Event (1)
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Unified Command News Releases & Weekly Situation Reports

Valdez Unified Command News Releases
News Release 006 - July 11, 2020 - Eleven new non-resident cases identified in Valdez

News Release 005 - July 7, 2020 - Valdez City Council approves Local Health Mandate 003.

News Release 004 - July 3, 2020  - Two additional non-resident cases identified in Valdez.

News Release 003 - June 27, 2020 - Second resident case of COVID-19 in Valdez.

News Release 002 - June 24, 2020 - Two additional cases of COVID-19 identified in Valdez. First resident case and second non-resident case.

News Release 001 - May 22, 2020 - Announcement confirming first positive case of COVID-19 in Valdez.
(Click here to view full video release with details.) 

Valdez Unified Command Weekly Situation Reports
Information current as of noon on the date of posting.

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Valdez Unified Command COVID-19 Contingency Plans

The Valdez Unified Command established a set of basic contingency plans to address different types of situations we might face as a community during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Each potential situation is color coded to indicate if City Council action or State of Alaska assistance would be needed to address the situation and best support the health and safety of our community.

  • Green indicates City Council action or state assistance is not anticipated. These situations, while still potentially serious, could be handled locally with readily available resources and personnel.
  • Yellow indicates City Council action or state assistance may be needed depending on the specifics of the situation.
  • Red indicates a need for City Council action or state assistance is likely.

Click through the photos below to learn the basics about these contingency plans and what actions the Incident Management Team (IMT) might take in each scenario.

ConPlan Main

ConPlan Green
ConPlan Yellow
ConPlan Red
  1.  Information Resources
  2. Media
  3. City Council

Information Resources Related to COVID-19

Please stay informed with information from credible sources, such as:

Local Resources:

State Resources:

Federal Resources:

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Valdez Local Disaster Declaration

Local Government Disaster Declaration (Extended) - City of Valdez, Alaska
(Extended on 07.07.2020)

Local Government Disaster Declaration (Extended) - City of Valdez, Alaska
(Extended on 06.02.2020)

Local Government Disaster Declaration (Extended) - City of Valdez, Alaska
(Extended on 05.19.2020)

Local Government Disaster Declaration (Extended) - City of Valdez, Alaska
(Extended on 04.21.2020)

Local Government Disaster Declaration (Original) - City of Valdez, Alaska 
(Originally Declared 03.17.2020)   

Valdez Local Health Mandates

Local Health Mandate 001 - Requiring Quarantine for Certain Travelers
(Approved 03.23.2020, Amended 04.21.2020, Rescinded 04.29.2020, Replaced with Valdez Health & Safety Proclamation.)
With so many exceptions to this mandate’s intrastate travel quarantine requirements, either in place or contemplated due to new state health mandates, rescinding it and replacing it with the Proclamation provides a more useful and easy to navigate way to focus on health and safety behaviors for everyone who lives, works, or plays in Valdez. 

Local Health Mandate 002 - Preserving Personal Protective Equipment
(Approved 03.25.2020, Expired 04.22.2020)

Local Health Mandate 003 - Requiring Mask or Face Coverings
(Originally failed due to lack of a motion on 04.21.2020; Approved 07.07.2020)

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Social (Physical) Distancing An Insightful Infographic
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FAQs Opens in new window

State of Alaska Contacts

General Information: 
Alaska 211: Dial 2-1-1 or call 1.800.478.2221

State Mandates:

Local Contact

Allie Ferko, Public Information Officer
Valdez COVID-19 Unified Command

For questions or for general information, email: or send a private message to

Valdez COVID-19 Recorded Hotline.
Recorded message with local information and updates.

Please forward all health, symptoms or screening related questions to your physician.

For resource submissions and inquiries,

Local agency partners or business owner/operators with questions related to your operations should email: