New Harbor Project

New Harbor Project City of Valdez Photo

The City of Valdez New Harbor Development Project is a multi-year, phased project to build a new harbor basin and upland facilities on the south side of the old Hotel Hill site. The new harbor will include docks/moorage capacity, vehicle parking lot, additional vessel launch ramps, and support services. New access roads and pedestrian walkways will be included to provide increased waterfront accessibility.


  • Increased moorage capacity
  • Additional launch ramps
  • Greater waterfront access for boaters and the non-boating public
  • Additional local economic activity
  • Opportunity for service industry development and support for the fishing industry  


Phase 2 Uplands Facilities and Inner Harbor Facilities

Pacific Pile and Marine (PPM) returned to work May 9th and a small crew resumed Punchlist and self-performed work such as installing guards around power pedestals, installing float ID signs on piling and retractable safety ladders on floats. PPM also tested the cranes on the Drive-Down Float (DDF), installed fencing around the fuel tanks, moved their pile driving barge to Old Town dock, and performed the commissioning and training for the bilge water treatment system.  

Harris Sand & Gravel (HSG) finished installing insulated arctic pipe on the DD Bridge and gangways, finished pressure testing the domestic, waste, fire and bilge water lines to the floats, chlorinated and flushed the water system, installed a piling and warning sign at the Sediment Berm, assembled landscape furniture, and worked on reports for completion of their work. Zastrow finished installing bullrail at the DD Bridge approach and safety railing at utility equipment locations, constructed the directional sign at the East driveway, and Punchlist work. 

Puffin Electric finished installing power for the DDF all-season water system and performed startup, and training for card access, high-mast lighting controls and power metering systems.


R&M continued processing submittals and resubmittals and responded to questions from subcontractor and City personnel. R&M also provided an environmental engineer to prepare seawater with specific quantities of fuel and metals to simulate contaminated bilge water and collected samples of the simulated bilge water before and after treatment to check the performance of the Oil Trap treatment system. R&M delivered the samples to a laboratory in Anchorage; results are expected middle of June.


The contract with USACE is still open. The City has communicated with the USACE and the Coast Guard about installing the Aids to Navigation (ATON) features at the entrance to the new harbor. The ATON’s must be installed before the USACE can close out their contract with the City. If ATON’s are not in place prior to the harbor opening, an announcement will be recorded for local notice to mariners.


  • Finished pressure testing various piping systems for mooring and Drive-Down floats
  • Started up and tested electrical and mechanical systems, including Bilge Water treatment equipment
  • Selected the date to open the harbor for public use and started planning the opening ceremony
  • Set up a process to resolve open cost issues with the Phase 2 Contractor


  • Complete the landscaping and asphalt paving at east end of the site
  • Substantial Completion inspections for in-water work and remaining sitework items
  • Confirm the Oil Trap treatment satisfies contract requirements
  • Harbormaster assign slips for boats using the new harbor
  • Public Opening Ceremony and official start of harbor operations on June 29th
  • USCG install ATON and City/USACE close out contract for navigation dredging and breakwater work
  • Complete all work and punchlist items, reconcile quantities and costs, and close out PPM contract
  • Complete the testing, procedures and permitting for disposal of treated bilge

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ron Rozak
Construction Manager
(907) 382-2933
Nathan Duval
Director of Capital Facilities
City of Valdez (907) 835-5478